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Professional or Parasite?

Amazon third-party sellers can be lumped into two broad categories. There are professional sellers, and there are parasite sellers.

Professional sellers are sellers that add value to you and your brand.

Parasite sellers are sellers that take as much as they can, without offering anything in return.

Which type of seller do you prefer to work with?

Let’s look at a few of the ways that a professional seller stands out and brings value to partnerships with brands like yours.

Professional sellers don’t sit there and wait for a sale. Pros take an active role and help win even more market share for your products. One way to increase your market share is to optimize your product listings.

Optimized listings turn more lookers into buyers.

There are three important components of an optimized product listing.

  • Pictures

  • Description

  • Reviews

A professional seller will not only make sure that your product photos are Amazon compliant, but will also ensure your pictures represent your product in the best light possible. Your photos should sell your product without anyone needing to look at the actual product description. The right seller will help make that happen.

For buyers who do read the product description, a professional seller will make sure that you are using the bullet points to emotionally connect, not just describe features. Buyers don’t care about the features and the technical details as much as you do. Instead, people buy your product when they know it will help them solve a problem.

Use the bullet points to connect with the buyer and clearly show what problem you will solve for them.

Sell the benefits, not the features!

The last (incredibly important) part of an optimized product listing is in the reviews. Of course, you want as many positive reviews as possible. However, when those negative reviews come along, you MUST respond.

A professional seller will:

  1. Actively solicit new reviews from your customers,

  2. Attempt to have any illegitimate or unreasonable negative reviews removed, and

  3. Respond on your behalf (publicly and directly) to legitimate negative reviews.

These three actions ensure that your existing and potential customers know that you provide a wonderful customer experience.

In addition to listing optimization, there are other areas in which a professional seller can help. A couple of those areas are:

MAP Monitoring and Enforcement - It is in everyone’s best interest to follow MAP. However, there are often counterfeit or unauthorized sellers who pop up on your product listings. A professional seller will help you quickly identify and effectively eliminate those rogue sellers.

Managing Ad Campaigns - Marketing efforts such as PPC campaigns can help drive new revenue to your brand, capturing some of your competitor’s market share in the process. A professional seller will help you implement, run, and track these campaigns to maximize your marketing dollars.

A parasite seller is just along for the ride, sucking out all the equity and devaluing your brand, ready to leave you as soon as there is no value left to take.

Which type of seller do you want to work with? A parasite? Or a professional?

About MegaRhino

MegaRhino is a retail brand-partner and an expert in the Amazon marketplace. We help your brand charge to the top by being a professional Amazon seller, not a parasite seller.

We make our money by buying your products wholesale and reselling them. We all win together!

You work hard on your brand. We make sure your brand works hard for you.

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