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How Do I Stay Positive?

Create an Optimistic Future for Your Brand

In this digital age, consumers are everywhere all the time, and consequently, marketing techniques have evolved to adapt to the digital environment. One good example of this evolution is the word-of-mouth marketing technique which has now entered the e-commerce industry as online reviews.

MegaRhino includes a fully-functional product review system in our arsenal of services to help brands like yours generate positive reviews, address concerns, and eliminate feedback that doesn't belong. We do all this for you while you focus on bigger decisions for your future. We'll gladly take this off your plate to help you maintain a positive image and attract willing buyers.

Positive Reviews

Traditionally, word-of-mouth marketing helped build brands by being a cost-effective method to attract consumers and to initiate brand trust. Online reviews have transitioned word-of-mouth marketing into the modern era. Online reviews, however, don't do any good for your business unless they're generally positive. What are the effects of positive product reviews?

Improved SEO -- The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is not merely to stay on top of the results page. It's also to create brand exposure and relevance. In order to achieve this, brands and marketers must offer fresh content.

Brands use video and articles to add fresh content and improve their SEO results. For online entrepreneurs and manufacturers, positive reviews are a critical content component since comments with good ratings are the ones that are more often seen by search engines.

Social Proof -- Consumers always look for social proof whenever they purchase physical products online. Naturally, they want to verify the quality of the item they are looking at. This kind of evidence, however, can't be provided by a banner ad. Manufacturers must seek actual testimonials from customers and not merely make unverified claims about their own products. Product reviews are a highly effective form of testimonial.

Valuable Feedback -- All types of reviews can give you an idea of your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. This data is necessary and useful for continually refining and improving your product. Keep in mind, though, that illegitimate reviews will never bring any good to your brand. In fact, they can ruin your brand image and so, you should always have a plan to counter such poisonous reviews and comments.

Next-Level Word-of-Mouth -- Similar to word-of-mouth as we traditionally think of it, online reviews are also susceptible to the Negative Feedback Effect. Disgruntled customers share their opinion loudly and often. This discourages potential buyers from purchasing your product. As a brand selling online, you should have a well-crafted plan to address negative reviews. If unsupervised, negative reviews do you more damage than you think.

Negative Reviews

Many consumers utilize the internet to express themselves – through social media, blogs and even in your brand's product listings. Their comments often help brands build a positive reputation online. What happens, though, when negative reviews come into the picture? What are the effects of negative reviews?

Limited Market Reach -- Did you know that it only takes 4 negative reviews for businesses to lose 70%* of their potential customers? The majority of consumers are very reliant on product reviews to ensure the quality of their desired product. If they spot negative reviews in your listing, they can easily be put-off and move on to another option.

Decreased Revenue -- Over 96%** of products purchased have a 4-star (or higher) rating. Product reviews are not just something to worry about when you have spare time. Product reviews are a critical component of your brand's game-plan and they directly impact your bottom line

Soiled Brand Reputation -- Illegitimate reviews are most likely from manipulative competitors, consumers who just need to get something off their chest and even manufacturers who are desperate to have positive reviews online. These reviews often cost brands their image and it can even bring them to court. So, if you're thinking of investing on fake write-ups, you might as well turn back and invest on a legit marketing campaign instead.

So Now What?

As you can see, negative reviews can cripple your business. It's vitally important to pursue positive reviews. How exactly do you encourage positive reviews and address negative reviews? Here are a few effective methods:

Encouraging Positive Reviews

Ask and You Shall Receive -- A face-to-face invitation or even a personalized email will indeed help you initiate your search for positive reviews. However, you also can't deny that it's also important to entice your customers who always promote, purchase and refer your brand since they not simply generate positive reviews – they also attract your ideal market.

Factor in the Timing -- You should encourage your customers to write reviews when they're thinking of your brand. You must identify where your customers are in their buying process and ask for their feedback when they are most likely to give it.

Think About Your Wording -- Timing is not the only factor that can make or break review generation. Copywriting also matters. This means that you'll have to structure your message in a tactful yet straightforward manner to elicit the optimal response.

These tips will help you receive positive reviews. Like it or not, though, chances are high that you will also need a strategy for dealing with negative reviews.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Even if you can't stop 100% of negative or illegitimate reviews, don't be discouraged. Here are some methods to minimize the effects of bad reviews:

Communicate Early and Often -- Engage your customers, ask them about their experience, get to the bottom of the problem and let them know that you're going to help them every step of the way. You'll show both your existing and potential customers that you're more than just a business. You're a customer-centered organization.

Invest in Excellent Customer Service -- You need someone who is dedicated to responding to customer reviews. This can be someone in-house, or can be a task you outsource. Either way, it must get done.

Remove Illegitimate Reviews -- Illegitimate reviews can negatively affect your brand reputation. You must always monitor your reviews and remove feedback that doesn't belong.

Review Management Software -- Customers are much more likely to submit product reviews if it's easy for them to do so. Software that is designed for product feedback makes sure that nothing unnecessarily stands in the way of your customers leaving the positive feedback that your brand deserves.

Handling the good, bad, and ugly of product reviews is no easy task. You'll have to dedicate a lot of time to create and implement a strategic plan that will get positive reviews flowing in and keep the poisonous feedback at bay.

MegaRhino includes a fully-functional product review system in our arsenal of services to help brands like yours generate positive reviews, address concerns, and eliminate feedback that doesn't belong. We do all this for you while you focus on bigger decisions for your future. We'll gladly take this off your plate to help you maintain a positive image and attract willing buyers.


* Moz, New Study: Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews

** Demac Media, 96% Of Products Purchased Have An Average Rating of 4+ Stars! -- Q2 2016 Ecommerce Benachmark Report

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