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Review Assistance

Online customers demand robust product reviews before making key purchasing decisions. With our proven system of getting more reviews from customers, we can help you boost your sales and improve your bottom line.


Through detailed analytics and thorough research, keywords that are ideal for your products will be discovered. These keywords are then used to create highly-targeted and custom-tailored PPC campaigns. This data-driven process increases your product’s visibility and allows you to secure new and unique customers for your brand.


Better listings lead to better sales and stronger brand loyalty. Maximize your product’s visibility with fantastic content. Don’t settle for average listing quality! MegaRhino’s professional in-house photography and listing experts will ensure your products shine for all the world to see.

STAY positive

A greater number of positive reviews makes online shoppers happy. It also leads to more sales, which makes you happy! For the occasional unfavorable review, responding to and resolving the issue is critical to converting customers into your brand’s raving fans. MegaRhino’s feedback response and removal system helps keep everyone happy. 

MAP Enforcement

No one likes a race to the bottom! Keep your pricing top-notch. MegaRhino’s automated MAP monitoring helps you discover who is violating MAP and create an action plan to address the issue.


Helping Brands
Charge to the Top 

And Win on Amazon

They are extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Amazon and how to improve listings and overall sales for our product.  We found working with Amazon to be difficult, so we're happy we chose MegaRhino to help manage our brand and improve our listings."

John & Kristine Pitts
- Founders, Firehouse Moustache Wax -

They are extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Amazon and how to improve listings and overall sales for our product.  We found working with Amazon to be difficult, so we're happy we chose MegaRhino to help manage our brand and improve our listings."


John & Kristine Pitts
- Founders, Firehouse Moustache Wax -




Spend less time managing marketplaces and more time doing what you do best.  As an approved vendor with a rich variety of online marketplaces such as, ebay, Amazon, and Walmart. (with Jet coming soon) MegaRhino is positioned to engage your customers, wherever they are.

US, Mexico, Canada, UK

About Us






The Vision Rhino

Andrew, the Owner of MegaRhino, began his eCommerce career in 2007. From there he expanded upon his expertise by working with different platforms but transitioned to Amazon because of its growth potential. In 2016, he helped found MegaRhino — a company that helps businesses scale their sales and strengthen their brand on Amazon by using advanced strategies and tools. Andrew’s 15 years in e-commerce, combined with his Wake Forest MBA, have set a path for MegaRhino’s success in helping brands charge to the top. He can spot potential quickly and knows how to leverage that potential into real results for our clients. Andrew is steadfast in his vision, he is patient, and doesn't let obstacles sway him from his goal. A true family man, you may also find Andrew on an Eagle Scout camping trip, changing diapers, or hiking up a mountain with his family of six.



Game Plan Rhino

Kara heads up all client services, which means leading our Operations and Account Management teams. Kara delivers conceptual creatives and pulls the team together to make them a reality. Her ability to lead our team while balancing strategy and execution is a sight to behold! She is tasked with overseeing the project management, client services, and managing day-to-day operations ensuring that team members are all aligned towards client satisfaction. When she isn’t posting tasks on Trello – a lot of tasks – you can find Kara busy with her two kids or planning weddings.



Solutions Rhino

Kristyl makes the seemingly impossible possible. Coming in from an engineering background, she brings in her expertise in project management and inventory maintenance. Kristyl’s approach is to combine analysis and research to come up with creative solutions that are also efficient and effective. She knows the ins and outs of Amazon Support and is very persistent in resolving issues. Being a full-time mom of 2, she has personal experience maneuvering in rapidly changing and chaotic environments, which gives her an edge in the marketing world! At MegaRhino, Kristyl is the “jack of all trades.” Whether you need to file an Amazon complaint or stock up on your inventory, Kristyl has you covered!



Data Rhino

Marlon is the guy who makes sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck, and he's got the experience to back it up. He makes sure that client is one step ahead of the competition and get the maximum return from their marketing efforts. With over 7 years of Amazon experience, Marlon has made marketing analysis his life's work. He knows how to crunch numbers and back up our clients with detailed marketing analysis from sales, listings, competitors, and advertising reports. If Amazon owes you money, Marlon will make sure it gets back in your pocket. He's got an eye for detail and a nose for sniffing out where the money is—and he'll make sure that Amazon pays up. Marlon also supports the whole team by backing us up with a detailed marketing analysis. When we need numbers crunched or a client asks for something, Marlon will make sure it happens! When he’s not analyzing metrics and publishing reports, he’s probably babysitting his 14 dogs and 3 cats.



Words Rhino

A writer, an environment advocate, and a creative thinker, CT help clients tell their stories in unique ways. She loves finding original strategic angles for each client and bringing them to life through storytelling and helps articulate and translate messages across channels. The marriage of her analytical and creative side helps her produce creative content that resonates with the audience and gets results. CT also ensures that clients are able to maximize all the available resources and tools on the Amazon platform, such as Posts, Storefronts, Experiments, and Virtual Bundles. She looks for ways for clients to stand out from the crowd.



Design Rhino

Third has a broad grasp of design, be it visual design, web design or process design. Third is the go-to Rhino in automating our processes and boosting team efficiency. As a visual designer, he helps capture brand stories and translate them into engaging visuals. His experience in customer support, combined with his knack for technology, gives our brands the advantage in creating a holistic and consistent brand experience on Amazon and beyond. For Third, hiking and camping are ways to be close to nature and relax. But his true passion is for skyscrapers, those towering monuments of mankind’s architectural genius!




We don’t wait around for stuff to happen. We make it happen. Rhino’s are renowned for their persistence and their “Ready, Set, Charge!” approach. MegaRhino is no different. 


We say what we mean and we mean what we say. This fosters a relationship built on trust so that you don’t have to wonder whether we will do what we said.


We strive for every transaction to generate net-positive value for you. We want you to feel like you got a great deal as a result of every interaction with MegaRhino.


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