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How Can You Protect My Brand Against Impostor Sellers and Counterfeits?

For years Amazon has been redesigning its system and policies to protect both shoppers and legitimate sellers against counterfeits and black hat sales tactics. However its efforts are not enough to keep some big brands from leaving Amazon, just like Nike and Birkenstock.

But how about smaller brands that need Amazon?
How can you benefit from Amazon’s platform and reach while still protecting your brand equity?

Brand Registry

We advise (and help) brands to register on Amazon, which allows for a higher level of control (and sometimes, monopoly) over the product’s distribution in the marketplace. Manufacturers also get the upper hand in optimizing their listings. On top of that, Amazon offers tools and a more direct Support channel when problems do arise.

Some of the problems you can avoid by registering your brand are: having to prove that you are the legitimate seller if your listing is removed because of a counterfeit complaint; listing hijacking; or violations of your brand IP (Intellectual Property).

Tracking Unauthorized Sellers

Our internal process of hunting down inauthentic sellers helps brands improve their distribution system and their Distributor Agreements.

We regularly monitor listings for MAP violations and even illegitimate listings created by rogue sellers.

“ MegaRhino has been more available than members of my team! And always on the ball! ”

Erick Winebrenner, Heavenly Hounds


Protect Your Brand, Protect the Bottom Line

Counterfeits and rogue sellers not only hurt your brand equity, but they also steal your sales and drive down your prices.

If you are having any of these problems,

Send us a message. We would love to help!

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