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How Can You Improve my Brand Image on Amazon?

Shoppers look at 3 main things when choosing a product to buy on Amazon:

high quality images, sensory-rich copy, and positive product reviews.


Professionally designed listing images can increase your conversion rate, given that 67% of shoppers cite high quality images as the biggest influence when purchasing a product. Excellent listing photos help customers imagine the experience of the product, and give them the information they need without having to read the bullet points and product description. Visual communication also allows you to cater to the 24% of shoppers who prefer using a mobile device when shopping.

We help our partner brands tell a powerful visual story that communicates product features and benefits, as well as a compelling brand story to improve your sales.


Your listing’s title, bullet points and product description not only inform shoppers, but is essential in making sure that you appear in organic search results, ideally in the first page and among the top 3 results. 

The copy must not only be search engine-friendly but also viewer-friendly by appealing to their imagination and senses, and addressing any potential and common customer concerns. 

Our copywriting is based on thorough keyword and competitor research. While others may focus solely on traffic, we focus on relevant traffic to protect your ranking. A low “bounce-away” rate improves your conversion rate, and makes Amazon favor your listing over the competitors.

Product Reviews

Almost 90% of consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before making a purchase. What a lot of brands overlook is not just the tactics to increase review count, but also how to manage critical reviews.

We are dedicated to building relationships with both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Managing critical reviews means requesting removal on those that are eligible, correcting false information, and helping brands listen to customers and improve their products.

“[MegaRhino was] able to input exactly what we wanted for our listings while letting them deal with the headaches of getting it done right and maximizing all the benefits/features that can be used on Amazon that I wasn't aware of or didn't know how to implement on my own.”

John and Kristine Pitts, Firehouse Moustache Wax

A Good Balance

Listing Optimization is both an art and a science. If our data-driven approach and market orientation can help you, request a free optimization report.

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