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How Can You Expand My Brand Reach?

Amazon is a great place to meet customers because they are already in a shopping mindset. But with all the 2.5 million-strong competition with other active sellers, it’s a tough jungle to be in. And this is why you want to have MegaRhino on your side.

Organic Search

For bigger chances of making a sale, your brand has to be on the first page of the shopper’s search results, and preferably among the first 3 items shown. How can we achieve this? MegaRhino uses the best ecommerce tools to research the most relevant keywords in your category. These are not just high-volume keywords, but keywords that will make you the big fish in small oceans, or what are called “long tail keywords.” These are keywords wherein the competition and cost are not as high, but the conversions are.

“ So Cards has experienced a significant spike in sales since MegaRhino has helped optimize its Amazon listings. ”

Miguel Luis, So Cards

Working From Home

Paid Ads

Sometimes your brand needs a little push. Paid ads can potentially increase traffic to your listings. Not only do we use effective tools for analysis, we also take decisive action quickly. For instance, we need to make quick adjustments in cases where you run into production and restocking issues. There’s no sense in running an ad if you’re running low on inventory.

Paid ads can only go so far. Without great copy and visuals to convert traffic, you’ll just end up spending more and hurting your ranking even more. Hence, we make sure that your listings contain strategic content – visuals that create emotional connection with viewers, and sensory-rich copy that help your customers know about the product, and imagine the benefits of using it.

Man Using a Tablet

Continuous Tracking and Iterative Improvements

In addition to a monthly report, we will keep you updated in real-time whenever there are impactful changes to be made on active campaigns. We are your advisors and we always listen and help you resolve challenges.

Need to reach more customers?

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